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Life at SAAV EVENTS is constantly moving—we capture that endless motion with stunning photography.

SAAV’S wedding photography is vibrant, natural and informal. we aims to capture the personalities of each couple. WE photographs each unique day as it unfolds without interfering. OUR priority is you and WE does what WE can to ensure that being photographed on your wedding day is easy and enjoyable for you.

SAAV favours reportage coverage, together with some informal portraiture. We captures real moments. Using long lenses where possible, SAAV works unobtrusively and discreetly. Far from being a chore, the portrait sessions are fun and stress free. SAAV uses his fashion lighting expertise to produce beautiful images of you, your bridal party and families quickly and efficiently allowing everyone to get back to the party before mealtime. This mixture of reportage and informal portraiture blends wonderfully to tell the story of your day.

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Our service is good value for money for the intensity of coverage on the day and the post production that goes into making each image the highest print quality. SAAV doesn’t work to a stock formula set amount of staged images, as many wedding photographers do in order to lower their costs and workload. WE photographs each couples unique day as it unfolds. As a result We takes a lot more photos than other photographers and has a lot more work to do in editing and post production. OUR method is well worth it as every album produced is unique to the couple’s day and personality. SAAV provides all of your images at high resolution, optimised and printable on disk as standard with his coverage.

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